DCWooten | Photos-2-art
Creating an Artistic representation from your favorite photos


Eyes are important for
any good artistic production
Check eyes before submitting

Creating custom art from photos you have recently photographed or stored away from years past, will
be a treasure to display and past down. Art has transformed into the digital world using the digital tablet as the canvas and the pen as the brush. My studio creates art using current software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Corel Painter and Corel Draw

Enter Contest
Send (4) of your best pet photos:

Entries will be posted in gallery send name of pet, photographed
by and information on pet you would like to share.

  1. No Deadline-when receiving 125 photos....contest begins
  2. An invitation will be sent to vote on the three best photos
  3. First place winner will receive a 16x20 art on canvas
  4. Second place winner will receive an 11x14 art on canvas
  5. Third place winner will receive (1) framed 8x10 & (2) 8x10 prints
  6. All photos will be in gallery to view-view photos at any time
    in gallery - so start sending your photos!!!


Photography once shot on film and developed in darkrooms have in the past twenty plus years are now produced using many digital software platforms.

I only use custom filters when needed, but most 80% or more are painted freehand using the Tablet and Pen. 



You will receive a 5x7 proof of final pet portrait
before printing on canvas

will send an option to add
name of pet

Thank you for viewing the website, please send a few 
comments and art you would enjoy in the gallery.